5 Things I’ve Learned Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Winter is fast approaching! With the first snow fall of the season falling to the ground, it’s not too long before we all start sporting our parkas and ski pants. The cold is slowly creeping and wanting to travel to warm and sunny destinations will occur. It’s hard to keep concentrated in class when all you can think of are palm trees and drinking out of a fresh coconut. So to distract you from Winnipeg’s harsh winds and scowling cold I bring to you the 5 things I’ve learned while visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Just a little video to inspire you to book your next trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico!  All the following pictures and facts were taken from my trip in April 2015 with my three girlfriends from Winnipeg.


1) Puerto Vallarta loves Canadians!

Each year the city of Puerto Vallarta gets so many visitors from all over the world but they most specifically share a lot of love for Canadians. It might be because of our friendly attitudes or because we know how to drink our liquor, either way, my friends and I were treated like rock stars when locals saw the Canadian flag on my backpack.


2) They have a hidden beach located on Marietas Island

Puerto Vallarta is known for it’s multiple beaches but the one that stuck out to my friends and I the most was the hidden beach (picture above). The only way to get to this beach was to swim about 15 minutes, go under a cave then under water then back up again. The trek was not an easy one and many people before us looked very winded after their swim back to the boat. We got a bit worried considering that not all of us were avid swimmers, but all the treading and swimming was worth it. This picture was one of my favourites. Breathtaking!


3) Las Caletas – an island that does not have electricity

Now, I was a bit skeptical about visiting this island because I’ve never been a foot away from anything technology or plugged in. Las Caletas is an island that we had to visit during the night for specific reasons. The whole island was lit by oil lamps and candles which gave the island a serene and relaxing feeling. This was a way for us girls to get away from any city lights. My short visit to the Las Caletas Island taught me to appreciate the simplicity of not being plugged in. Along with the romantic setting, actors held a showcase of how life was like in Mexico before it’s urbanization.


4) Off roading adventures with waterfalls and zip lining is not for me.

Remember that donkey I said I rode on in my first post? Well, that was on my mini adventure through the cliffs and waterfalls of Puerto Vallarta. My donkey was named Cuervo and I swear I thought this donkey was gonna let loose once I hopped on. Luckily the ride wasn’t as long as I expected and with a little guidance left and right we arrived at the edge of a cliff — it was time to zip line. I’d like to note that my experience was not the same as it was for the rest of my hiking group. I realized that my upper body strength wasn’t the greatest and that holding myself up on a zip line takes more effort than people lead on. After my first turn down the zip line, I concluded that burning a hole through my glove (from gripping the lines too hard) will not go down well with 4 more zip lines to go (note the fear in my eyes in the picture above). I regretfully had to opt out of the adventure and make my way down to Cuervo to take me to base camp. To my luck, all the staff at camp was welcoming and I made a couple of friends while waiting for the others.

5) Tequila tasting is not for the weak. Especially after a night on the town

One thing I wished I learned sooner was that there are plenty of flavours of tequila. The tequila factory we visited had flavours ranging from amaretto to jolly rancher. After a night of bar crawling, my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to visit a tequila factory. Bad idea! Mexico loves their beloved fermented agave and we learned that that evening. About 7 different bottles were placed in front of us and it would be rude not to try all of them (keep in mind we had our fair share of tequila drinking the night before and we were very hungover). Despite the gagging from the tequila stench, we said “SALUT!” and took the shots like champs. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try something as unique as jolly rancher tequila!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.01.58 AM

Bonus: 6) Do not go banana boating when the ocean waves are at it’s highest.

My friends and I learned this the hard way. It was 5 o’clock in the evening when we decided “why not? let’s ride the banana boat?” Little did we know, high waves and banana boats are not a good mix. 5 minutes in, the waves were very strong and in an instant, us four girls flew off like rag dolls. It was a hilarious moment and we were glad we had our life vests on. On the way back to shore, we all held on for our dear lives and promised each other not to go with that idea again. Side note: sea water = salty water (Yuck!)


All in all, I wouldn’t regret anything about this trip. I’ve learned to make every experience a learning one. Traveling with your friends is the best way to create memories. Not many have the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones and I’m glad to have shared this trip with them.

To give you more details about I did on my trip watch my video!

Puerto Vallarta 2015 from gisele on Vimeo.



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