6 Hacks to Pack Smarter

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Are you an over packer? Are you that one person who holds up the line at the airport luggage check-in because you’re one pound over the 50lb limit?  I was once that person. It came to the point to where I was wearing layers on layers of sweaters just to make my bag weigh less. The solution is not to have a bigger luggage nor pay an extra $25 to check another bag in. The solution is to pack smarter. Here are some of the tips that will help you fit all that junk inside that trunk, bring the important stuff, and obviously pack lighter!

Save room, Travel hacks, pack lighter, pack smarter Tip 1: Roll your clothes
This is the new thing people! I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out sooner. Instead of folding your clothes and placing them in your luggage, rolling them up saves way more room. This makes it easier to navigate through your luggage and look for specific shirts. It also prevents them from wrinkling.

Pack smarter, Travel hacks, Pack lighter Tip 2: Pack your socks into your shoes
Not only does this trick save you space but it also keeps your shoes from getting squished in your luggage.

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Tip 3: Protect your fragile items with your shoes
I tend to put shoes in my bag with the soles facing the outside of my luggage. This will give an extra layer of protection for the fragile items in the middle. Another plus is that the socks inside give extra insulation and softens any impacts to your bag.

Travel hacks, packing hacks, power bar, charging Tip 4: Bring a power bar
This tip is most important for when you’re travelling in a group. On my recent trip to Mexico, my friends and I would fight over the one bedside outlet. For a group of girls, power bars makes it easier to use your flat irons or hair dryers. Bringing a power bar always saved my butt from potential arguments over who’s using the outlet next. This cuts the “getting ready” time in half and also gives you more room for you to charge phones and cameras.

Tip 5: Pack clothing that has multiple ways to wear it
Unless you’re going to a fancy party every night, or attending a special event, bringing clothes that can be worn different ways saves you a lot of room in your luggage!  For girls, you can wear a t-shirt dress that can dress down to a casual t-shirt or can dress up with a statement necklace. For guys, you can sport a opened chambray shirt with a white tee, or dress it up by buttoning it up and adding a tie. Another thing that I find very useful is a very large circle scarf because it can double as a blanket.

Carry-on Luggages, 4 wheeler, bag Tip 6: Use a 4-wheeler carry on luggage
This might not relate to how to pack light, but it helps with boarding your airplane faster. There were so many times where I would get stuck in the narrow aisles as I trekked to my seat. By using a 4 wheeled roller, you can easily push your bag in front of you. Avoid the hassle of pulling your wide 2-wheeler bag then have it get stuck in the seat arm rests.

There are many other tips that could help you pack lighter, these are just the few that I found most useful. I’ve used these tricks for most of my recent trips and not once did I run into any trouble. If there’s anything I would like you to take away from this blog post, it’s to pack smarter and not harder!

Happy travels!



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