What’s in my bag challenge: Travel Edition

Got places to go but don’t know what to bring? Take a look into my travel bag and use it as a guide to help you remember what to bring on your next jet set journey!

I’m sure you’ve seen this challenge before but basically the purpose of the challenge is to show you the things I have in my bag. Fortunately, everything in my travel bag is similar to what I would bring every day.  I’ve compiled a fool-proof list of all things you need to bring in your carry-on or personal item bag so that for your next trip you’re prepared to take on whatever life gives you. So sit back, relax and take a gander at what’s inside my bag.


The Bag: Backpack or Medium sized with straps

Emphasis on the straps! You’re typically looking for a bag that weighs close to nothing but is durable enough to carry your junk (a backpack works just as well). Usually a bag with a lot of compartments and easy access works to your advantage. The different compartments help with locating specific items without searching into a hole of nothingness. For example, the backpack above from Roots is the exact one that I’ve brought on my numerous journeys. I’ve retired it for now but what makes it really useful is the top compartment. This compartment is typically used for sunglasses but has more than that one purpose. This is where you can insert your small items like your sunglasses (of course) along with semi-unimportant items like earbuds and gum.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put your passport in the outer compartment. If you’re travelling to a city with a heavy population, you don’t want to risk it getting stolen! The top flap style backpack gives you easy access to your items through the draw-string closure. In the case you’re ever in a hurry (which might be all the time for me) can throw in anything in and not worry about zippers coming undone.


Cameras and Equipment


If you’re someone who likes capturing every moment on a trip, it’s a given keep your camera stuff at hand. I bring along two kinds with me, one point and shoot (FujiFilm XQ1) to get panoramic shots or short video clips and a GoPro Hero 3+ for any longer footage or ones that require underwater footage. I always pack an extra set of batteries, memory cards and hard drive for extra storage as well as a power bar (which I will leave in the hotel)  to charge them all at once. Putting all this in a side bag works out well because with one reach you have your camera equipment in your hands!


Necessities Pouch


Of course you’ll need a necessity pouch, it’s like the girl golden rule to have at least one of these items on you at all time and why not pair it with a cute pouch? My necessity pouch contains wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissue packets, eye drops, oil blot sheets and for the ladies, pads or tampons. This has come in handy many times for when I needed to wash my hands with no bathroom available. I also find having a little container of ibuprofen always comes in handy!
Fun fact: you can use an empty pill container to store your earbuds and money to keep them dry.
Pouch from: Cath Kidston.com


Facial Care Pouch


This is where you have to be careful with what you pack. If you’re planning on bringing certain facial items make sure your items are under 100 ML or 3oz and make sure to check on your airport security limitations.  I always pack hand lotions, moisturisers, BB cream, and essential oil rollerballs that help with headaches and stress relief. Shout out to Saje and The Body Shop for having travel-sized packaging!
Pouch from: Egg Philippines


A large or long wallet


The reason why I mentioned a specific size is so that your money is easily accessible. This helps for when you’re in another country and you’re not yet familiar with the currency.  I found this most helpful for when I was using Euros. Euros come in different sizes and to prevent myself from giving the wrong bills, the wideness of the wallet helped me count easily and faster. Wallets with zippers also help with keeping your money secure.

Side note: the metallic wallet on the bottom is my current, and the little anime character on the zipper is one of my fave souvenirs I’ve collected from my last trip to Japan.
Metallic Wallet from: Forever21.com
Passport cover from: Indigo.ca


A journal/notebook and pen


These items comes handy in many ways. Although there’s the handy-dandy notes app in your phone, having the simple pen and paper gives you more creativity and more space to write freely. You can use the journal to jot down your ideas and quick notes without worrying about running out of batteries. I like collecting little notebooks from gift shops like the sugar skull mariachi one below that I got from my recent trip to Mexico.
Pens from: Tiny Feast


Earbuds and Headphones


Before take off I would recommend bringing both for one reason: comfort. The headphones are useful to get rid of that extra noise around you. Airplanes tend to get noisy depending on where you sit, you can be near a crying baby or even a snorer. The downside to headphones is that the longer you wear them the more pressure on your ears which cause them to be sore. This is where you switch to earbuds. I would recommend getting the ones with the remote attached so it’s faster to adjust volume and switch songs.

One thing that people don’t know about the rules for using headphones on a plane is that headphones are not permitted during take-off. If you want to stay on the safe side, go for the earbuds and forget the headphones at home.


Tablet or Book


If you’re like me and get bored easily, I would bring a tablet that has preloaded games, movies, and books. Tablets are a lighter option for people who aren’t using loads and loads of camera footage and don’t need a laptop. You can also preload your tablet with maps to help with getting around your destination city. Books come in handy for when you can’t fall asleep. If you’re a person who doesn’t like to bother to connect with electronics books are the way to go. I usually pick up reads at airport shops!
Current read: Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht


Take the Challenge!


That’s what is in my bag! After reading this, I hope you choose to take the challenge yourself by making a blog post or creating a YouTube video. I would like to tag some of my friends in the blogosphere. It’s your turn The Student Snippit and The Fit Bombshell!

Leave a comment below with what items you have in YOUR bag!


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