How did it all start?

Now, I know I’m not the first ever travel blogger in the blogosphere to put up pictures of their own journeys or edit a video of all their experiences. This all was inspired by a couple of creatives that have enough charisma to inspire an army. A couple of years back, I’ve stumbled upon a back then, “smaller” YouTube channel of two British boys documenting their travels with something simple as a point and shoot camera. From then on, I have become a loyal follower of their content and thus, I came up with the idea of Jetset with Gisele.

Here’s a little something about the two twin brothers behind Jacksgap.

Jack Harries and Finn Harries

Jacksgap, a collaboration between two brothers, Jack and Finn Harries, thought to one-day document their travels through the written word as wells as creating content. Their first brush with creating content started with their YouTube channel also named Jacksgap. Through this channel, they have documented their travels through Europe, United States and parts of Asia. Their videos gathered a following of 4-million subscribers with their most viewed travel video averaging 6-million views.

Alongside travel, Jack and Finn are philanthropists by utilizing their large following in conjunction with the WWF. They created a social media campaign to have their followers become aware of climate change and also addressing it in their YouTube videos. The Harries brothers are also advocates for the Teenage Cancer Trust Foundation and helped raise awareness through their rickshaw journey through India. They managed to raise $180,000 USD during their 6-week campaign and to this day are still finding unique ways to help those in need. With their success, they were able to open their own domain website and recruit others to come along and share their adventures.

Here’s a trailer of their 4-part India series filmed in 2013:



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