A travellers secret to planning your next vacation

Wanna know a secret? This week’s blog post will feature a tool that may be useful to you savvy jetsetters looking to plan your next trip. If you’re like me, a very thorough and well-researched person, you’ve already heard of TripAdvisor. But if you haven’t, TripAdvisor is a travelling tool used by fellow travellers like you and me, to compare and contrast destinations, and to give honest (some not-so-much) reviews. This is a database is used as  your one stop shop for planning your next vacations because it’s reviewed by guests like you. In this post, I’ll provide you with the major points in using TripAdvisor as your one stop planning site.

I’ve specifically used TripAdvisor to plan my 2015 Puerto Vallarta vacation. To read about that click here.

First, you need to get down what your budget is, and what you expect for that price.  This is where you start typing in the first bar of the TripAdvisor website.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.24.55 PM.png

From here, you can type your location that you want to visit, plus the type of vacation you want to take. In my case, it’s all-inclusive in Mexico. Following the search, this is where you’ll find your compiled list of different hotels that offer meal plans as well as pictures and reviews from those hotels.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.51.27 PM.png

Now that we’ve got the basics down, this is the point where you extensively use the scroll button to find the vacation of your dreams.

I would recommend to:

  • Read into what others have experienced in those resorts but also take it in with a grain of salt.
  • Keep in mind that some people take to the internet to make complaints more than they do compliments.
  • View the pictures other guests have posted up. Sometimes hotels like to trick guests with their promotional pictures, but when you get there it could be completely different.
  • Check if the hotel/resort is answering back to their complaints and how they handle their customer service inquiries.
  • Compile a pro and con list to decide your vacation spot.

Secrets out! You’ve become a vacation expert. It is now time to book your next vacation!



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