I once had a conversation..

There’s always two sides to every story. One thing that I’ve learnt the most through Public Relations is that there are different ways to spin a story and there’s always a different point of view.

In a recent conversation with one of my family members, I was faced with another point of view, other than my own. I am a firm believer of using travel to make your life richer through experience, but my cousin had a different view.  

To be fair, we are two different and total opposite people but this conversation had opened my eyes to how people perceive different topics. She viewed travel as a waste of time, and that it should be done after you’ve figured yourself out and after you’ve gotten into your career. On the other hand, I’ve presented all my points (also the ones proven in my previous blog post here) to why more time and money should be spent on travel before you’ve got your life together.

What I didn’t understand is “why would you be against travelling at a young age?!”, but at this point, she educated me with all the reasons why it’s better to be financially stable and set with your life and then proceed with the travelling. She pointed out that your travel experience will be much richer when you know you have a direction to follow and that coming home, you know you won’t be drowning in debt. Who wouldn’t want that?

Moral of the story is that people going through different things in their lives, which includes travelling. It won’t be now, but it will be someday and some people prefer that! There’s always a reason to why one’s opinion is shaped a certain way, and it’s not always meant to be in disagreement with yours.

Through this conversation with my cousin, I’ve learnt to understand the other side and to always be open to it. Use this attitude in your travels and you will go far!

Here’s a pic to sum up what I mean.

a good sign

Happy jet-setting,




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