Different strokes for different folks

What’s a trip without being around people you could share those memories with? My philosophy is that traveling is better in numbers. But what if those number of people don’t get along? What if one of those people don’t want to cooperate in your travel festivities? These are some of the conflicts that will arise when traveling in a group. Although these conflicts are hard to resolve, there are ways to slightly avoid conflict while jet setting. This is just one example of the many you can encounter:

Conflict: Your group wants to do different things.
Different people have different needs, and that includes the way they want to adventure. So what happens when your group wants to do different activities and you’re crunched for time?

Solution: Buddy up! Traveling in a group doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to be together. Find someone(s) in your group who wants to see the same things as you, make like Nike and Just Do It! In my experience, I did a lot of traveling with my family, including my grandma and older aunts and uncles who, let’s just say, aren’t into much of the “thrill”. During my past trip to Europe, we were touring around the clock, sometimes even after hours. One stopover included only a 3-day stay in London. There was no way we were going to be able to head to Nandos then grab a pint at the nearest pub while we have my 87-year-old granny sitting at the bar (mind you, my grandma could be pretty hip).

So what we decided to do is planned our day so that we covered our bases which included visiting the Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and other British landmarks during the morning and afternoon. Sightseeing during the day made for beautiful pictorials and the adults were fine with that. Once dawn hit, we knew that it was time for us to wander off. Somehow we had convinced the older adults to give us free reign on our evening and ventured off into the -dark- but safe London streets.

Moral of the story is that both parties in a group could be satisfied if planned and executed smoothly. Adults got to see their London landmarks, and the young ones got to experience the real London eye during the night time. So next time you decide to go travel in a group. Don’t forget that you’re not trapped and there is ALWAYS time to explore, even if it requires you to lose sleep.

nanny's, healthy chicken, grilled chicken, peri peri sauce, london, travelling in groups, britain, british
Nando’s with the cousins. Sans parents

Happy traveling!



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