Different strokes for different folks

What’s a trip without being around people you could share those memories with? My philosophy is that traveling is better in numbers. But what if those number of people don’t get along? What if one of those people don’t want to cooperate in your travel festivities? These are some of the conflicts that will arise when traveling in a group. Although these conflicts are hard to resolve, there are ways to slightly avoid conflict while jet setting. This is just one example of the many you can encounter:

Conflict: Your group wants to do different things.
Different people have different needs, and that includes the way they want to adventure. So what happens when your group wants to do different activities and you’re crunched for time? Continue reading “Different strokes for different folks”


A travellers secret to planning your next vacation

Wanna know a secret? This week’s blog post will feature a tool that may be useful to you savvy jetsetters looking to plan your next trip. If you’re like me, a very thorough and well-researched person, you’ve already heard of TripAdvisor. But if you haven’t, TripAdvisor is a travelling tool used by fellow travellers like you and me, to compare and contrast destinations, and to give honest (some not-so-much) reviews. This is a database is used as ¬†your one stop shop for planning your next vacations because it’s reviewed by guests like you. In this post, I’ll provide you with the major points in using TripAdvisor as your one stop planning site. Continue reading “A travellers secret to planning your next vacation”