My Visit to Tokyo Japan Part 1: Take a walk through Shibuya Crossing

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Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

You’ve never seen hustle and bustle until you’ve taken a walk through the world-famous Shibuya Crossing. My first time stepping off the sidewalk and onto the road made me feel anxious and scared. I was afraid that I might walk too slow and either get run over by a car or get in the way of an angry pedestrian. This was my first dose of Tokyo, Japan.

A little snippet of my walk through Shibuya Crossing Continue reading “My Visit to Tokyo Japan Part 1: Take a walk through Shibuya Crossing”


6 Hacks to Pack Smarter

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Are you an over packer? Are you that one person who holds up the line at the airport luggage check-in because you’re one pound over the 50lb limit?  I was once that person. It came to the point to where I was wearing layers on layers of sweaters just to make my bag weigh less. The solution is not to have a bigger luggage nor pay an extra $25 to check another bag in. The solution is to pack smarter. Here are some of the tips that will help you fit all that junk inside that trunk, bring the important stuff, and obviously pack lighter! Continue reading “6 Hacks to Pack Smarter”

5 Things I’ve Learned Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Winter is fast approaching! With the first snow fall of the season falling to the ground, it’s not too long before we all start sporting our parkas and ski pants. The cold is slowly creeping and wanting to travel to warm and sunny destinations will occur. It’s hard to keep concentrated in class when all you can think of are palm trees and drinking out of a fresh coconut. So to distract you from Winnipeg’s harsh winds and scowling cold I bring to you the 5 things I’ve learned while visiting Puerto Vallarta. Continue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned Visiting Puerto Vallarta”

Take a journey with me!


Where is your next journey? Mine? It’s through this 300 something page introductory textbook.

If you asked me 6 months ago, my journey would have looked much more different than today. I would be walking through the cobblestone streets of Paris with a Nutella crepe in one hand and my camera in the other. I would be admiring the amount of French language being spoken around me while also questioning my own ability to speak it. It was a much different journey from today. Continue reading “Take a journey with me!”