9 Tourist Pictures You Need to Stop Taking (with pictures)

The peace sign, the “tip of the landmark” pose, the “tada”, we all know you’ve done these poses at one point in your lives (I know I have). You don’t necessarily need to be on a trip to do these but when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen all. If there is one indication of a tourist it would be the way they take pictures. Here is my list of top tourist poses you need to stop doing today! And ye be warned, I am guilty of all of these, so why not add some pictures to go along?! Continue reading “9 Tourist Pictures You Need to Stop Taking (with pictures)”


What’s in my bag challenge: Travel Edition

Got places to go but don’t know what to bring? Take a look into my travel bag and use it as a guide to help you remember what to bring on your next jet set journey!

I’m sure you’ve seen this challenge before but basically the purpose of the challenge is to show you the things I have in my bag. Fortunately, everything in my travel bag is similar to what I would bring every day.  I’ve compiled a fool-proof list of all things you need to bring in your carry-on or personal item bag so that for your next trip you’re prepared to take on whatever life gives you. So sit back, relax and take a gander at what’s inside my bag. Continue reading “What’s in my bag challenge: Travel Edition”

My Visit to Tokyo, Japan Part 2: Make a wish at the Meiji Shrine

I am back! Sorry dear Jetsetters, I haven’t forgotten you. Welcome back to part 2 of my Japan series. Let’s get back to business.

Starting off from the last part of My Visit to Tokyo, Japan: Part 1, I had finally visited the famous Shibuya Crosswalk and experienced the local Japanese way of crossing the street without bumping into people. After crossing more than once, I could say that I have mastered the non-touristy walk and know to walk straight ahead without ANY hesitation. It proves to be right when I attempted to walk in a busy train station. Continue reading “My Visit to Tokyo, Japan Part 2: Make a wish at the Meiji Shrine”