Different strokes for different folks

What’s a trip without being around people you could share those memories with? My philosophy is that traveling is better in numbers. But what if those number of people don’t get along? What if one of those people don’t want to cooperate in your travel festivities? These are some of the conflicts that will arise when traveling in a group. Although these conflicts are hard to resolve, there are ways to slightly avoid conflict while jet setting. This is just one example of the many you can encounter:

Conflict: Your group wants to do different things.
Different people have different needs, and that includes the way they want to adventure. So what happens when your group wants to do different activities and you’re crunched for time? Continue reading “Different strokes for different folks”


Here’s why you should spend your money on experiences

When was the last time you remembered going to a concert? Do you remember the last time you bought the shirt you’re wearing right now? Now… which one gave you the chills while viewing the multicoloured lights and sounds synergized together to leave a lasting image in your head? I’ll leave it for you to choose, but I’d choose the concert. I am a firm believer in investing in memories and experiences more than material things. I wouldn’t be able to tell you about the last time I bought my pair of shoes, but I sure as hell can tell you about the last country I visited. Continue reading “Here’s why you should spend your money on experiences”

How did it all start?

Now, I know I’m not the first ever travel blogger in the blogosphere to put up pictures of their own journeys or edit a video of all their experiences. This all was inspired by a couple of creatives that have enough charisma to inspire an army. A couple of years back, I’ve stumbled upon a back then, “smaller” YouTube channel of two British boys documenting their travels with something simple as a point and shoot camera. From then on, I have become a loyal follower of their content and thus, I came up with the idea of Jetset with Gisele. Continue reading “How did it all start?”

9 Tourist Pictures You Need to Stop Taking (with pictures)

The peace sign, the “tip of the landmark” pose, the “tada”, we all know you’ve done these poses at one point in your lives (I know I have). You don’t necessarily need to be on a trip to do these but when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen all. If there is one indication of a tourist it would be the way they take pictures. Here is my list of top tourist poses you need to stop doing today! And ye be warned, I am guilty of all of these, so why not add some pictures to go along?! Continue reading “9 Tourist Pictures You Need to Stop Taking (with pictures)”

What’s in my bag challenge: Travel Edition

Got places to go but don’t know what to bring? Take a look into my travel bag and use it as a guide to help you remember what to bring on your next jet set journey!

I’m sure you’ve seen this challenge before but basically the purpose of the challenge is to show you the things I have in my bag. Fortunately, everything in my travel bag is similar to what I would bring every day.  I’ve compiled a fool-proof list of all things you need to bring in your carry-on or personal item bag so that for your next trip you’re prepared to take on whatever life gives you. So sit back, relax and take a gander at what’s inside my bag. Continue reading “What’s in my bag challenge: Travel Edition”

My Visit to Tokyo, Japan Part 2: Make a wish at the Meiji Shrine

I am back! Sorry dear Jetsetters, I haven’t forgotten you. Welcome back to part 2 of my Japan series. Let’s get back to business.

Starting off from the last part of My Visit to Tokyo, Japan: Part 1, I had finally visited the famous Shibuya Crosswalk and experienced the local Japanese way of crossing the street without bumping into people. After crossing more than once, I could say that I have mastered the non-touristy walk and know to walk straight ahead without ANY hesitation. It proves to be right when I attempted to walk in a busy train station. Continue reading “My Visit to Tokyo, Japan Part 2: Make a wish at the Meiji Shrine”

My Visit to Tokyo Japan Part 1: Take a walk through Shibuya Crossing

Tokyo Japan Travel Shibuya
Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

You’ve never seen hustle and bustle until you’ve taken a walk through the world-famous Shibuya Crossing. My first time stepping off the sidewalk and onto the road made me feel anxious and scared. I was afraid that I might walk too slow and either get run over by a car or get in the way of an angry pedestrian. This was my first dose of Tokyo, Japan.

A little snippet of my walk through Shibuya Crossing Continue reading “My Visit to Tokyo Japan Part 1: Take a walk through Shibuya Crossing”

5 Things I’ve Learned Visiting Puerto Vallarta

Winter is fast approaching! With the first snow fall of the season falling to the ground, it’s not too long before we all start sporting our parkas and ski pants. The cold is slowly creeping and wanting to travel to warm and sunny destinations will occur. It’s hard to keep concentrated in class when all you can think of are palm trees and drinking out of a fresh coconut. So to distract you from Winnipeg’s harsh winds and scowling cold I bring to you the 5 things I’ve learned while visiting Puerto Vallarta. Continue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned Visiting Puerto Vallarta”

Take a journey with me!


Where is your next journey? Mine? It’s through this 300 something page introductory textbook.

If you asked me 6 months ago, my journey would have looked much more different than today. I would be walking through the cobblestone streets of Paris with a Nutella crepe in one hand and my camera in the other. I would be admiring the amount of French language being spoken around me while also questioning my own ability to speak it. It was a much different journey from today. Continue reading “Take a journey with me!”